Last time around we deliberately left out one of the prominent early Liechtenauer glosses. Too much of a distraction, too weird, and too different. Now we're delving back into the book to correct that oversight with a small mini-series.

With this second season we've trimmed things down a bit - rather than a large round panel discussion, the episodes will (try to be) shorter and more focused. No more Liechten-hour jokes, pls :'(

This first episode with Michael Chidester and Kendra Brown sets the scene before we delve into the long sword section. We talk about the location and provenance of the source, as well as the not-swords contents in the book.

You can find out more about MS3227a and read it in translation on Wiktenauer -

Michael Chidester runs Wiktenauer and the HEMA Bookshelf (which is super cool, check it out - )
Kendra Brown has a neat research blog up at - chuck it in your bookmarks.

The best place to stay up to date with FbtB is

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