In this episode I sit down with Tea, Stevo and Micky C to round out this mini-series by summing up our feelings about 3227a as a source for historical fencing.

In this episode I sat down with Tea Kew and Steve Cheney to work our way through the Other Masters section in MS 3227a.

In this episode I sit down with Michael Chidester, Steve Cheney and Tea Kew to continue our speed run through the MS3227a unarmoured longsword content.

Ok, now we get into the substance of the book (until we run out of steam).

In this episode I talk with Stephen Cheney, Michael Chidester and Tea Kew about the contents of MS3227a - its missing content, its original content and how it front loads theory before examples. - An old article on how 'springing'is used in Lew. - An epee article on distances in fencing.

I sit down with Jess Finley, Johanna Hopfgartner, Kendra Brown and Michael Chidester to discuss MS3227a's dating, dialect, text that crops up elsewhere, and what armour people wore under the sea.

There's a sale on Lulu at the moment, so now is a great time to pick up Michael Chidester's MS3227a companion volume:


We also talk about:
Kendra's Merfolk research:

Jess' Patreon:

Talaga's MS3227a research:

Jen's Beringer dating:


A bonus interview with the self-proclaimed long sword hipster Connor Kemp-Cowell. Connor and I chat about a new translation and interpretation of Vadi that he and Ian M Davis have put out 'Wielding the Light of Mars'. 

There were some technical difficulties two minutes into the episode. Such a professional outfit...

You can follow Connor on his Facebook page 
And you can buy the book here

Last time around we deliberately left out one of the prominent early Liechtenauer glosses. Too much of a distraction, too weird, and too different. Now we're delving back into the book to correct that oversight with a small mini-series.

With this second season we've trimmed things down a bit - rather than a large round panel discussion, the episodes will (try to be) shorter and more focused. No more Liechten-hour jokes, pls :'(

This first episode with Michael Chidester and Kendra Brown sets the scene before we delve into the long sword section. We talk about the location and provenance of the source, as well as the not-swords contents in the book.

You can find out more about MS3227a and read it in translation on Wiktenauer -

Michael Chidester runs Wiktenauer and the HEMA Bookshelf (which is super cool, check it out - )
Kendra Brown has a neat research blog up at - chuck it in your bookmarks.

The best place to stay up to date with FbtB is

A bonus episode from the whole team, discussing Dierk Hagedorn and Christian Tobler's recent work.

Dierk deciphered a crossed out section of the 1452 fencing book, which had previously been overlooked.

It explains how a certain technique had been used against Hans Talhoffer in front of a Duke, slicing Hans in the hand and hitting him in the head.

Not only is this evidence that actual RDL techniques were used in fencing, it also ties RDL to Hans Talhoffer the historical person for the first time. 

The conclusion of Season 1. In this episode we answer your questions, look back on the show, and ask where we want to go next.


So long and thanks for all the fish!

This episode continues our discussion on winding, now also with Jess' input. 


Of course, Jess brings the medieval hunting uses of winden...

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