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FbtB S2E5 - Other Masters

In this episode I sat down with Tea Kew and Steve Cheney to work our way through the Other Masters section in MS 3227a.

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FbtB S2E4 - Speedrunning MS3227a

In this episode I sit down with Michael Chidester, Steve Cheney and Tea Kew to continue our speed run through the MS3227a unarmoured longsword content.

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FbtB S2E3 - Theory Test

Ok, now we get into the substance of the book (until we run out of steam).

In this episode I talk with Stephen Cheney, Michael Chidester and Tea Kew about the contents of MS3227a - its missing content, its original content and how it front loads theory before examples. - An old article on how 'springing'is used in Lew. - An epee article on distances in fencing.

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