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Ep. 39 - Re: Winding

This episode continues our discussion on winding, now also with Jess' input. 


Of course, Jess brings the medieval hunting uses of winden...

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Ep. 38 - Winden. Magic woo that wins sword fights?

In this episode we look at lines 102-109 on winding.


Winding is a pretty big deal in Liechtenauer's text, so we spend a while unpacking the word so that it becomes more than magical woo. Wind, turn, coil, spool and twist all get suggested.


We discuss how if 'aus winden' is a thing then it's the opposite of how modern HEMAists use it. And we get stuck on the difference between winden and wenden.



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Ep. 37 - Your point’s hanging out

In this episode we look at lines 96-101 on hanging and sprechfenster.


Mike S also does his best to drag cricket into every conversation like a knock off Andy Zaltzmann. 


Steve put together a document of all the use cases here.

Michael Chidester's Patreon.

A cool talk about non-destructive pigment ID in MSs.

Textual evidence that sprechfenster and sprechfenster aren't the same thing.

Later, alternative understandings of sprechfenster.


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Ep. 36 - Hand Pressing

In this episode we look at couplet 95 on pressing the hands; - "Dein schneid wende zw flechen druck dÿe hende". Tune in and find out what it actually refers to...

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