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Ep.35 - Ab schneiden, jarringly Slicing Off

This episode covers Ab schneiden (slicing off/slicing away) in lines 93/94 of the zettel. 

Unfortunately we had some technical issues recording, so there are a few jarring moments. Sorry for that, but we hope you're still getting your money's worth... 😉


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Ep. 34 - Wrestling at the Sword 2 - Wrestle Harder

We continue to look at the wrestling at the sword gloss, this time focusing on the 'arm grappling' plays.

Why are the glosses so different here? Why don't we see these plays in the modern game? Why were these ones selected and not more seemingly fundamental ones?

Have none of these questions answered in this week's episode! 

(Kendra also talks about a recent article on medieval book edges. You can find it here.) 

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Bonus Ep. - Indes pt. 3

Recorded back at the end of November, this bonus episode is another look at "Indes", now with Jess' input.

Mostly we discuss adjectives vs. adverbs and the spatial vs. temporal use of the word over time. But mostly we just have fun with it. We also look at how the only contemporary translation of the poem deals with it... or doesn't.

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