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In this episode we discuss lines 91-92 on wrestling. Specifically we talk about the first half of the gloss here - hip throws when the hands go high.

(Durchlauffen at the Paris HEMA Open, Guillaume Laisney closing so fast he left his gloves behind.) 

(a hip bump from Ringeck) 

Have a bunch of links to wrestling clips without any context:

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Ep. 32 - Zucken is a jerk!

Lines 88-90 of the zettel on Zucken, which can translated as pulling/jerking/tugging/yanking 😘


A pretty straightforward section but where none of our glosses contain all three plays. We also discuss it's applicability to armoured and mounted fencing (our good old tincan and pony.)


A page referenced during discussion:

Daniel Pope's article on horse gaits and HEMA

Steve's current interpretation

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Ep 31- Durchwechsel

Durchwechsel or 'Changing Through' is the term used for a type of disengage in the sources we work in. Lines 86-7. 

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