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In episode of Fencing by the Book, we tackle a particular confusing (or confused) section of text. The ausser mynne or ausser nim are some of those plays that tend to get skipped over by modern practitioners, and we discuss why.


Joey couldn't make it, so be prepared for some terrible German. 


Instead we're joined this week by Kendra Brown, who helps to shed some light on the source by bringing the Latin version of Lew to the party. 

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Ep. 26 - Nachreissen with Jess Finley.

Nachreissen - rushing after, pursuing. A couple of techniques or an early understanding of fencing tempo?

Joining us to discuss it is our special guest Jess Finley. You can check out her translation work on her patreon.


We also answer Brandon's question by talking about Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, give a MOF reading list, and surely talk more about Kendo then historical fencing.

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Ep. 25 - Ansetzen with Jess Finley.

This is the first of two special guest episodes. Jess Finley (fencer, armoured fighter, horserider, translator and all round badass) joined our regular panel of Johanna Hopfgartner, Michael Chidester, Steve Cheney and Tea Kew.


This week we talk about an setzen, setting on your point or planting it on your opponent.


Check out Jess' Patreon at

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Ep 24 - The infamous ‘vier versetzen’.

In this episode discuss the thorny question of the 'vier versetzen', or four.. displacements? Using the named actions we've been talking about before to... break? an opponent's... guard? 

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