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Ep. 23 - Four Guards (ish)

Four guards, or positions. Lines 68-69. What are they and why did Liechtenauer single them out, when the system mentions in passing other positions? How important are guards to RDLN?


We're also taking a short break from recording episodes. If you have any comments or questions for when we return then please ask away, and we'll talk about it on the show when we get back. 

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Ep. 22 - The Schaiteler. The Peaker, not the peeker.

In this episode we cover the Schaitelhau, which is the Apex/Vertex/Parting/Peak/Crown/Scalp hew.


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Ep. 21 - Squint to the Point.

In this episode we discuss lines 61-62, on using the Shielhau... well really we just disgress on to side rings.

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Ep. 20 - Squint short.

In this episode we continue our discussion of the Shielhau, the Squinter.

Jess Finley's Talhoffer and Tacos discussion:

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