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Ep. 19 - Men who Squint at Buffalos

where we take an in depth look at the early Liechtenauer longsword glosses. This episode is on lines 58-59 of the Zettel on the Shielhau, or the Squinter:

|Schiler ain pricht
|was püffel slecht oder sticht
|wer wechsel drawt
|schiler dar aus Inn beraubt

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Ep. 18 - The Inverter.

We complete the Twerhau section, discussing the verkerer. We also discuss the Digital Dutch Lion's Cup, the Fiore facsimile project and Stevo doing judo:

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Ep. 17 - How to fail (and fail twice).

We've now managed to work our way through our backlog:

Couplets 53, 56-57 of the zettel. 

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Ep 16 - Twer to plough.

Kendo story time. 

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Ep. 15 - Across again.

14:10 - Zettel Reading, Gloss Summary (Yeah we spent ages chatting nonsense, sorry not sorry.) 
16:50 - In Sparring
20:20 - Distance
29:30 - Lew vs Ringeck/Danzig
40:38 - Soft and Hard Choices
44:15 - Lew's Sequence

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